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libnotify 0.4.1 released
June 18, 2006 at 02:29 AM

libnotify 0.4.1 has just been released. New in this release is support for GtkStatusIcon (when compiled against GTK+ 2.9.2 or higher), API documentation (accessible through devhelp), and several bug fixes.

Release Notes:

  • Added support for attaching to a GtkStatusIcon. Patch by chpe. (Bug #60)
  • Added GObject properties to NotifyNotification. Patch by chpe. (Bug #60)
  • Added API documentation, accessible through devhelp.
  • Fixed up libnotify.pc to support dependencies correctly. (Bug #58)
  • Fixed notify_uninit() to properly set _initted to FALSE after being called. (Bug #56)

Posted by chipx86