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libnotify and notification-daemon 0.3.2 released
January 23, 2006 at 09:48 AM

Well, hello there. Yes, new versions of libnotify and notification-daemon have been released! A lot has happened in these releases, including Notification spec changes, themes, and a massive amount of bug fixes.

Now, many have asked why there wasn't a release announcement for the previous versions. After the release, it was clear that many people weren't happy with some of the changes made. A few changes have been reverted, and a number of improvements have been made. The previous release wasn't really ready for release, but 0.3.2 is, so go nuts!

libnotify 0.3.2 Release Notes:

  • Added back notify_get_server_info() and notify_get_server_caps().
  • Fixed to work with D-BUS 0.36 and higher. However, it's best to note that due to bugs in versions of the D-BUS GLib bindings before 0.60, raw image data cannot be sent in notifications. A warning will be outputted to the console.
  • Added assertions to all of the API functions so that invalid data passed won't crash the calling program.
  • Added automatic notification removal for non-expiring notifications and notifications with actions when the calling application closes.
  • Fixed issues where the header files couldn't always be included in some programs.
  • Fixed a lot of compiler errors and warnings.
  • Fixed C99 usage.
  • Added the ability to set user data on action callbacks on a per-action basis.
  • Fixed notify-send to work without crashing.
  • Fixed the library to send messages appropriate to the D-BUS specification.
  • Cleaned up the API a lot.
  • Removed notify_notification_show_and_forget().
  • Internal changes to remove the number of DBusGProxy connections, and make sure it's initialized before using any D-BUS GValue-related code. This fixes raw image sending.

notification-daemon 0.3.2 Release Notes:

  • Renamed the program back to notification-daemon.
  • Reverted the default look back to the notification-daemon 0.2.x look, but with improvements, such as flexible arrow positioning and cleaner action separators.
  • Updated to match the notification spec correctly.
  • Added the beginnings of theme support. The look from notification-daemon v0.3.1 can be set in a GConf key, though it is not yet fully functional.
  • Added back action support.
  • Added back support for D-BUS 0.36 and higher.
  • Added back the GetCapabilities and GetServerInformation calls.
  • Added back suppor for markup and hyperlinks in the new theme.
  • Fix several cases of C99 usage, and other compiler problems.
  • Fixed a bug where the desktop work area (the area excluding panels) wasn't being taken into consideration when positioning notifications.
  • Fixed several crash bugs.

Posted by chipx86