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New libgalago, galago-daemon, libgalago-gtk, and eds-feed releases
August 28, 2005 at 09:11 PM

libgalago v0.3.3, galago-daemon v0.3.4, libgalago-gtk v0.3.4, and eds-feed v0.3.2 have been released. These are mostly bug fix releases.

libgalago Release Notes:

  • Confirmed to work with D-BUS 0.22.
  • Fixes several D-BUS 0.3x issues with array iterators. This closes bugs #3417, #3723, and #3783. D-BUS versions between 0.30 and 0.33 are broken internally, so upgrade to 0.34 or higher.
  • Fixed a bug with cached accounts in GalagoPerson (patch by Ross Burton).

galago-daemon Release Notes:

  • Confirmed to work with D-BUS 0.22.
  • Renamed the D-BUS service files to be more compliant with standard naming conventions.
  • All feeds must now be installed to /usr/lib/galago. The old location, /usr/libexec/galago, is no longer checked.

libgalago-gtk Release Notes:

  • Fixed a compile issue with GTK+ 2.6.9.

eds-feed Release Notes:

  • No longer passes the configure stage when evolution-data-server development files are unavailable.
  • The old development branch of Evolution 2.0 is no longer supported.
  • eds-feed is now installed into /usr/lib/galago. This allows it to work with galago-daemon v0.3.4.
  • GCC 4.0 compilation problems were fixed.

Posted by chipx86