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New Releases and Ubuntu Apt Feed
May 27, 2005 at 06:41 AM

New releases of libgalago, galago-daemon, libgalago-gtk, gnome-presence-applet, eds-feed, gaim-galago, galago-sharp, and galago-gtk-sharp are now out. If you're using Galago, grab these, because a lot has changed. Hopefully for the better.

D-BUS 0.3x is now supported, though it hasn't been stress tested, so please file bugs if you come across an issue. A number of other problems have gone away, and several new little niceties have been implemented. Most are behind the scenes. See the release notes below for more information.

Also, an apt feed has been set up for Ubuntu. I advise all Ubuntu users to move to it. It rocks.

Release Notes:

libgalago v0.3.2:

  • Added support for D-BUS 0.30+. This also required some changes in the protocol. The protocol may be in flux over the next couple of releases. (Fixes bug #3081). All applications that use libgalago, no matter which D-BUS version, should be recompiled.
  • Added galago_core_set_exit_with_daemon(), which exits the application when galago-daemon disconnects, and galago_core_get_exit_with_daemon().
  • Added a GALAGO_REGISTER_CLASS convenience macro.
  • Renamed the *_get_class() functions. You won't need to modify any code, as the GALAGO_CLASS_* macros wrap them, but you should recompile any code using libgalago or you'll get a runtime deprecation warning.
  • Fixed a bug where the mainloop init function was being called in galago_init_with_mainloop() even if Galago didn't connect. A NULL D-BUS connection was being passed, which could result in a crash.
  • Fixed some memory leaks.
  • Fixed setup-gettext on MacOS X.
  • Fixed automatic property, presence, avatar, and photo updating and removing.
  • Fixed speed issues in galago_person_has_accounts().
  • Fixed a bug in galago_is_connected() where it wasn't correctly factoring in whether or not the process is galago-daemon.
  • Refactored the GalagoValue object. It serves some different purposes now.
  • The GalagoPerson's most available account's display name is no longer used as the person's display name. This lets applications easily display only people with display names that are actually set by, say, an address book.

galago-daemon 0.3.2:

  • Added suppor for D-BUS 0.3x. 0.23.x is the minimum version required.
  • Updated for the new protocol changes that libgalago 0.3.2 requires.
  • Fixed some small memory leaks.
  • Large code cleanups.

libgalago-gtk 0.3.2:

  • Added a contact chooser dialog and widget (GalagoGtkContactChooserDialog and GalagoGtkContactChooserWidget).
  • Added a service list (GalagoGtkServiceList) widget.
  • Added a contact list (GalagoGtkContactList) widget.
  • Added a person list (GalagoGtkPersonList) widget.
  • The GalagoGtkPresenceLabel widget now works when the person set does not have an account with a presence.
  • The service icon is now rendered properly in galago_gdk_pixbuf_new_from_presence() (and on several widgets) when an avatar or photo icon is requested but does not exist, and it has to fall back on the service icon.
  • Fixed the GALAGO_GTK_STOCK_PERSON stock icon.
  • Fixed setup-gettext on MacOS X.
  • Fixed compilation issues on gcc4.

gaim-galago 0.3.2:

  • Avatars are no longer automatically sent every time a status update occurs. They're now sent only if the avatar has changed.
  • Fixed setup-gettext on MacOS X.

eds-feed 0.3.1:

  • eds-feed now exits when galago-daemon exits, preventing several copies of eds-feed from hanging around after crashes or restarts.

gnome-presence-applet 0.3.1:

  • Display an error when the applet is unable to connect to Galago at launch.
  • Updating the "Show idle times" or "Dim idle people" preferences now updates the menu items.

galago-sharp 0.3.1:

  • Added Photo support to Person.
  • Added a Core.ExitWithDaemon property.
  • Added a Core.ExitWithDaemon property, which sets whether to exit the application when galago-daemon disconnects.
  • Added new convenience Service and Status constructors.

galago-gtk-sharp 0.3.1:

  • Added a new contact chooser widget and dialog.
  • Added contact list, service list, and person list widgets.

Posted by chipx86